Mindful Eating – Enjoy Your Food More To Eat Less

When we eat mindlessly, the food doesn’t satisfy us and because we don’t feel full, we go on to eat more unnecessarily. We can also eat as a response to our emotions, when we want comfort for example.

What’s included:

  • “am I really hungry?” how to be aware of your emotions
  • mindful eating exercise
  • powerful downloadable Mp3 to use at home
  • mood and food journal to complete at home

Who is this workshop for?

Have you ever been to the cinema, bought some popcorn or sweets and when the film starts 15 minutes later, looked down at the nearly empty bag and thought, “Where did that go?” Or felt upset and reached for an unhealthy snack and afterwards feeling bad because you know you didn’t need it? Start to improve your habits with mindful eating.

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