About Work Well Practice

Work Well Practice specialises in helping you and your staff to thrive and create a productive work environment.

To this end we provide effective, friendly and cost-effective therapeutic services.

I founded the Work Well Practice in response to an initial number of enquiries from the corporate sector relating to stress and anxiety management issues and saw an ideal opportunity to combine my teaching and therapy skills.

About Samantha Culshaw-Robinson

My background is in education where I worked in and FE college and in the community for many years.

After a member of my family was suffering with anxiety I started researching the latest techniques to help them, as there was a long waiting list for therapy on the NHS.

I was so impressed with what could be achieved using complementary therapies that I retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist. I have been working in my private practice specialising in stress and anxiety, weight control, chronic pain and stopping smoking since 2010.

I went on to study further and gained an MSC in Workplace Health and Wellbeing at the University of Nottingham.

How Work Well Practice Can Help You

I offer a range of tailored cost-effective solutions to help organisations meet their legislative obligations, help reduce absenteeism and drive productivity.

I do this through mindfulness courses with real workplace scenarios and wellbeing half days or away days according to your needs/budget.

About My Clients

I have worked with a wide range of organisations including in the creative and digital arena, universities, schools and even Warlord Games!