Do you want to motivate your staff to stop smoking for Stoptober?

Some good news about the Covid-19 pandemic; 1 million smokers in the UK have stopped smoking! How can you inspire you staff to be part of the next 1 million and stop smoking, too?

Many of our habits are changing at this time, so we can be more open to change.

Have you heard your colleagues say they are fed up with:

  • Coughing?
  • Feeling unfit?
  • Feeling as if the cigarettes are controlling them?
  • Their family telling them they should stop smoking?
  • the horrible Smell on their clothes?
  • the growing Cost?

Let’s think about excuses now.  As you can imagine, I have heard it all, but often these are what my stop smoking clients tell me about before seek help from me and become non-smokers:

  • I have no willpower
  • I feel too stressed
  • My partner or friends smoke
  • I’ve been smoking for too long

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness, causing cancer, heart and lung disease, and smokers who are hospitalised with COVID-19 more likely to suffer severe outcomes than non-smokers.

I can support your staff to join those new non-smokers and smash smoking now!

How can the Work Well Practice support my staff to stop smoking?

Depending on the latest government recommendations and what you feel comfortable with, I can support them remotely online, or in person, one to one in my lovely therapy room in Nottingham with Covid-19 safety procedures in place. My personalised stop smoking programme is 2 sessions. The first to reframe any negative emotion around smoking, motivate and plan new behaviour and the second is the quit session.

Or I can deliver an online group workshop.

The research into successful behavioural change shows that we don’t “just wake up one morning” and decide to stop smoking.  There are various stages that we go through in order to change and wherever your staff are on their journey, I can help them to be successful.  The only challenge I can’t help with is if someone else wants them to stop smoking and they don’t really want to!  This only works if they are motivated for change and if they want to become a non-smoker.

This is what is included in my one to one 2-session programme:

We start with keeping a Journal, to discover what is really going on.  We find out why and when you smoke.  After that we discover your patterns and triggers. We then create a unique personal plan to resolve your issues.

For example, if you smoke for:

  • Reward – we programme in some fun, healthy behaviour that you will enjoy much more.
  • A Break – we create “non-cigarette breaks” better ways to take 5!
  • Stress – I teach you mindful breathing exercises. Often, it’s taking a breath we need rather than nicotine, which in fact raises our pulse and heart rate and makes us feel even more stressed.
  • Habit – I use powerful hypnotic Suggestion to programme in some new behaviour to shake things up, so your brain isn’t thinking, “where is my cigarette?” it’s thinking, “what are we doing today?”

Included in the programme are:

  • Hypnotic Stop Smoking MP3 – this relaxing MP3 continues at home the good work we do together in our sessions.
  • Breathing Space MP3
  • Craving buster – replacing that desire for a cigarette with the thought, taste and smell of something you find repulsive
  • Resolving the needs you had when you started smoking – e.g. to be in with the cool kids.
  • Stop Smoking FB support group

Included in the online workshop:

The group session participants receive the same features, except they gain motivation and support from each other and my Facebook group.  It would not be suitable for any confidential, personal issues to be dealt with in the online workshop of course.

What one of my clients says about stopping smoking with me:

“My name is Ken, I’m 67 years old and I’m a non-smoker. I couldn’t have said that two weeks ago but after two sessions with Samantha I no longer feel the urge to smoke and after fifty years of smoking that is a mighty statement. I expected to be climbing the walls and shouting at everybody but it just hasn’t happened. Hopefully I can do it on my own now but I know if I start to weaken, I can get in touch with Samantha and get some help.”

Ken, Nottingham

If you’d like some resources around stopping smoking, you can download my eGuide from our sister site here.

Are you thinking about booking a stop smoking individual or group session? You can book directly into my diary using this link for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to find out more.

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