Private and confidential online therapy sessions are available to support employees struggling with stress, anxiety or depression.

Working with me online will allow them to completely leave ‘work mode’, gaining focus and clarity. I use a combination of mindfulness coaching, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy and have run these sessions successfully with organisations such as the Circle at QMC.

Individual sessions are usually £87.50 per hour, or I offer a corporate discount for sessions purchased in blocks.

  • 6 sessions at £525
  • 12 sessions at £850
  • 24 sessions at £1560

Block booked sessions can be used anytime in a 12 month period as and when you need them.

How Online Hypnotherapy Works

First, I send you some simple questions for you to answer before the session (e.g. what success looks like for you, what you want to achieve or change and how you want to feel).

We start the session by talking about your life, what you want to change, what else you’ve tried already – what worked and what didn’t.

This builds rapport so that we can:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Help you relax and trust me to help you
  • Look for possible solutions

What We Need

Before we begin, and for the session to be successful, we need to have the following in place:

A quiet location

This goes for both, the therapist and client – we can use headphones (with a microphone like the ones that come with your mobile phone) for the sound to be the best quality.

A reliable internet connection

This also goes for both client and therapist. The last thing you want is to be halfway through an induction, and then to lose your connection.

A secure communication service

I use Zoom for online hypnotherapy sessions which is encrypted and simple to use.

A secure method of payment

I accept PayPal for online hypnotherapy payments and through my website.

The Benefits of Online Hypnotherapy

It happens in real time

Just like traditional therapy, you interact with your practitioner in the present, in the here and now. We can get to know what you want out of the sessions, discuss possibilities, and put things in context on the spot.

It offers total privacy

Some clients may be too embarrassed to visit a local therapist, especially if they live in a small town or village where word can travel fast.

In this instance, they won’t want other people – including family and close friends – to know their business, which is fair enough. In such cases, finding an online practitioner eliminates that problem. Even if the online therapist happens to be in the same town, chances are they won’t be in the client’s immediate area. And if they are, the client can always look for another therapist.

It’s ideal for remote areas

When we have therapy online, we can interact with each other even if we’re on the other side of the world to each other (UK practitioner insurance does not cover the US or Canada).

It provides easy access for all

Some people who require hypnotherapy might be unable to attend a traditional office setting. You might be disabled, house-bound, or suffering from other physical or mental illnesses. For anyone with mobility issues, online sessions make therapy totally accessible.

It’s convenient & affordable

Which is just like everything else that can be done online. I offer a 14% discount for online sessions.

It’s confidential

I use Zoom which is encrypted.

My Voice is All I Need

  • To help someone relax
  • To get them to close tehir eyes and enter the altered state of hypnosis

My words and tone of voice will help you switch off so you can bypass your critical conscious mind and get to the unconscious (which governs more than 95% of our behaviour).

This works as well online, using video, just as well as face to face, sometimes even better.

If you’re interested in trying out online hypnotherapy, please get in touch via email or phone 075 222 777 22 and we can set up an online consultation.