stressful high level jobs

The overwhelming stress of high level jobs

People often look at high level management positions with envy due to the prestige and the big pay packages involved. The same goes for YouTubers who have found fame and fortune. We want to be like them, have their lifestyle, have their success. But do we really? As it turns out, neither board level management positions nor YouTube stars lead such glamourous lives, but ones filled with stress and often on the edge of mental breakdowns. High level jobs are not what they seem from the outside.

A recent study from Vistage cites that a large number of UK business leaders neglect their health in favour of their businesses. The study shows that 40 percent of CEOs experience stress in their personal lives due to work demands. The same study also found that almost one third of business leaders state they often need to work through illness instead of taking time to recuperate.

Geoff Lawrence, General Manager at Vistage UK states: “They [business leaders] want to do everything, be everywhere, and be involved in every decision, but almost inevitably that type of approach ends in a crash. There’s no shame in sharing the load.”

When the dream becomes a nightmare

When it comes to YouTubers, things are similar. They start out with a small audience of a few hundred subscribers and enjoy the job. Once the subscriber rate reaches tens of thousands or even goes into the millions, the pressure becomes immense. More views mean more income as advertising and sponsorship revenues depend on it.

These creators are worried that a drop down in views will mean the end of their business. But it’s not only regular posting, that’s stressful. It’s mostly dealing with their audiences that causes stress. The human brain is not created to deal with hundreds or even thousands of interactions each and every day who criticise everything you’re doing. It’s simply too much. A recent article in the Guardian goes into detail about the burnout many of the YouTube stars are facing due to their overwhelming pressures.

No matter how high pressured the job, it is important to find balance. Taking time away from the job on a regular basis, such as evenings, weekends and regular holidays cannot be deemed luxury. It is important for our mental health. Delegation and teamwork can go a long way towards this.

How the Work Well Practice can help with stressful high level jobs

We can conduct a wellbeing audit for your business – create an Action Plan and follow it up! We provide an on-site supervisor and management training – HSE Management standards for stress – and help to build resilience through positive psychology.

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